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Turkey Shoot 11 /Final Part

Turkey Shoot 11/11

Susie Owens

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I hope you enjoy this story, I also want to thank Huffy for taking
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Face turned away. "Then it wasn't a dream. I was really kissing
someone. Was it you I was kissing?' Face turned back to see Murdock
shake his head no.

"Then who was it?"

Murdock swallowed and said in a small voice."Hannibal"


Face nodded his head then walked to the closet and took out his
clothes. "We better get ready to leave."

Murdock placed his arm around Face and gently kissed him on his
neck."You okay?"

Face turn around and gave Murdock a kiss. Neither one noticed
Hannibal and the nurse as they entered the room.

"I see you are feeling better. Here are your release papers. The
doctor signed them." The nurse said as she gave the papers to Face,
she then left.

Face smiled at her as he took them. Murdock thanked her as he wheeled
Face out of the room. He froze as he saw Decker talking to the nurse
at the desk and saw her point towards Face's room. He quickly turned
back into the room.

"Decker " Face whispered to Hannibal.

Decker and Crane headed for the room the nurse pointed to. When they
entered, all they saw was a woman folding the corners of the bed
sheets. Decker looked at the woman then back at Crane ."See if she
knows anything, I'll see if the A-Team didn't try to get away."

Crane nodded and went over to her and showed her a picture of the A-
team. "Have you seen these men?"

"Bean? Wheres a bean?" she asked.

"No. Have you seen these men?" Crane asked again.

The woman took the picture and placed it real close to her
eyes. "Nice picture. This one," the woman pointed to Face, "reminds
me of my grandson Dusty. Did I ever tell you what Dusty did the other

Crane shook his head. "No, but I really ..."

The woman place her arms around Crane. "Then let me tell you. Well
Dusty, he decided that he wanted to grow gumdrops .."

Crane pulled away and hurried to catch up with Decker.

Decker was standing outside looking around for the A-Team, "was that
woman any help?"

Crane shook his head," not one bit, all she wanted to do is talk
about her grandson Dusty. Boy what a talker?"

Decker and Crane stared at each other and both said "Smith" at the
same time.

As they both ran out of the hospital, they were just in time to see
the black van disappear down the road, the woman grinning at them
from the driver's seat.

"Go! Go!" ordered Decker. They all headed for their cars, only to
find that all the tires were flat. Decker threw down his cap in

Face was sitting in the back of the van."Hannibal, why do you always
like to play with Decker? One day it's going to get us caught."

"Come on Face, where's your love of adventure?"

"I left it in 'Nam" Face answered. Murdock took Face's hand and
squeezed it gently. Face gave him a smile.

Hannibal drove for a while when he suddenly spotted BA on the road.
He stopped the van and BA opened the driver side door. "Move over,
I'm driving." He growled while Hannibal moved over and then BA got

"Lil Suzy took us to another way in the tunnel, not sure if Face is
going to like it" BA said quietly.

Face stared at BA. "I've been shot at, kidnapped, drugged, and I
kissed Hannibal instead of Murdock. So nothing you show me is going
to upset me BA."

They were now standing by a hole in the mountain side and Face was
staring at it. Suzy looked at him. "What's wrong? Ain't you ever seen
a hole in the mountain?

"Too many times" Face replied.

"Well it's the only other way in so are you coming or not." Suzy said
as she climbed into the hole and disappeared from their sight.

Murdock placed his hand on Face, knowing his lover had a fear of
holes in the mountains due to a cave in during 'Nam. Face took a
deep breath before turning around and giving Murdock a deep
kiss. "For luck!" he said. Suzy disappeared earlier from their sight,
and soon the others could be heard following them down the tunnel.

Once in the tunnel Murdock began to look around and spotted an old
truck that was probably used during the war. "Hey guys take a look at

The others came over and Murdock proudly showed them the
truck. "Isn't it nice that they left this for us?"

Hannibal smiled at the truck and looked at BA" Well, can you do
something with it?"

BA walked around the truck shaking his head. "I suppose I could shoot
it and put it out of it's misery."

"Come on BA, if anyone can make this truck a fun thing to play with
you can." said Hannibal.

'Even if I could, how would we get it to go? The gas tank is empty."

Suzy walked over to something covered with a canopy. After she took
it off, revealing gasoline cans. "Will these do?"

Hannibal smiled, "Okay let's get to work."

( A song from the 80's is playing in the background as the team is
making the truck ready for action)

BA is welding pieces together, Face and Murdock are carrying two long
pipes and attaching them to the front of the truck like launchers,
and Hannibal is screwing in metal pieces to the truck to protect it
and them. As this is going on Simon Master, Jim and Suzy Miller are

Once it was finished, they all stood back and admired their good
work. "Now we need something to fire from the launcher," Hannibal

"Will tomatoes do?" Suzy asked. "They won't hurt my family."

Hannibal nodded his head and Suzy showed him a crate of tomatoes
covered up. "I like to bring tomatoes in here and eat them."

No one said anything as Face and Murdock began to load them into the
launcher. Now that they were ready, they quickly climbed in and BA
headed down towards the main tunnel with Jim giving directions.


Russell Miller and three of his sons were just finishing up when they
heard the sound of an engine heading their way. "Go see what that is
Luke" he ordered.

Luke quickly went to look and came back almost as quickly, "Pa. It
looks like a truck of some kind."

Russell pushed past Luke and stood, staring at the truck. It was the
strangest thing he had ever seen. It looked like one of those army
trucks during the war, except it had two long pipes connected to the
front of it and covered in some kind of metal armor. The door opened
up and there, leaning out of it, was Smith grinning at him like the
cat who swallowed the canary.

"We're going to give you a chance to give yourself up to the Sheriff."

"For what Smith?" Miller asked .

"For the death of Jim Chance."

"Here's my answer to that Smith." Russell drew his gun and fired. He
missed as Hannibal quickly closed the door. "Let's go BA! Murdock,
Face prepare the launchers!"

Russell and his son fired at the truck as it moved towards them. Face
loaded the tomatoes into the launcher and Murdock fired at the
Millers. One hit Skeeter full in the chest, knocking him on his back.
When he tried to get up, he slipped on the tomatoes, and fell back
down on the ground. The ground became so slippery from all the
tomatoes that they couldn't get their footing. Soon it was over and
all four of them lay on the ground, covered in tomatoes.

Simon Masters got out of the truck and walked over to Russel
Miller. "Miller, you and your sons are under arrest for the murder of
James Chance."

Russell looked up at Simon, "Screw you Masters. You got nothing on

"Yes he does Father. I told him everything." Jim said as he stared
down at his father.

Miller stared back at his son. "You always were like your ma, a
trader. You're no longer my son. Get out of my sight!"

"Grandpa! How can you say that to your own son?"

"What are you doing here girl?"

"I had to help. You killed a man. I love you, but that was wrong."

Miller only shook his head. Suzy started towards him.

"Stay away girl. I don't love traders and you're a trader."

Suzy looked towards her father who only looked away . Then she turned
to her uncle Jim, and he held her as she cried.

Simon got on his walkies talkie and called in to his office for some

"I want to thank you for your help. My men will be in soon, so I
think it's best that you leave."

Face pointed to Jim and Suzy. "What's going to happen to them?"

"Well Jim will have to stand trial for his involvement with the death
of James Chance. As for Suzy, if she wants to, she can stay with me
and Dawn after we get married. Dawn always has cared for her."

BA smiled at Suzy. "How does that sound to you Suzy Q?"

"That sounds good to me." Suzy said as she wiped a tear away.

"Hey guys, let's go. We got to get out of here, I heard sirens "
Murdock said as he stuck his head out of the truck's window.

They all got in and drove out of the tunnel. BA headed for his van,
and once they got there, they got in, and drove away. As they turned
on the highway, they heard and saw the military cars.

"Hold on BA I need to slow Decker down." Hannibal said as he took his
gun and leaned out of the window, aimed at the tires, and fired. It
was a direct hit - sending the car in a spin which cause the second
car to hit it, tipping it over. Decker climbed out of the window and
stared as the A-Team's van vanished down the hill. He shook his
fist,"Next time Smith!"

"Hannibal. One of these days ,"

"Face, I was careful. Now do you need to say something to me about
the fact you kissed me, thinking I was Murdock?"

Face looked at Hannibal, then took Murdock's hand. "I kissed you?
Hannibal? Gee if I did, I must have blocked it from my memory. I have
no idea what you're talking about."

Hannibal nodded as he turned back towards the front. He knew Face
remembered, but was glad he was letting it go.

"Hey Hannibal, can you drop me and Murdock off at a motel? We got
things to do." Face asked as he gave Murdock an 'I want you badly'

"You got it Face. BA let's take the loved birds to a nice motel.:"

BA growl but his face was smiling.


BA drove up in front of a Motel 6, Face and Murdock got out and,
after saying goodbye, they headed for the office.


"Yeah Facey?"

"Would you give me a few minutes after we get our room before you
come in?"

Murdock thought this was a strange request, but, knowing Face, he
nodded his head. Face reached over and gave him a kiss, then went
inside the office. He soon came back out. "I got us a room. I want to
make it special for us. Please wait in the office lounge for about 15
minutes then come on in, here your key."

Murdock again nodded and took the key. He went into the office

Face unlocked the Room 5 and walked in, looked around, and began his
project. He started whistling while he did it.

Murdock watched the clock on the wall; every minute seemed like it
would never change but it was now 15 minutes later. He headed out of
the office toward Room 5. He knocked on the door, but there was no
answer. His thoughts started to run away with him, was Face okay? Did
someone have him? Why didn't he answer? Murdock quickly opened the
door and stepped inside the dark room. He reached for the light
switch, when he heard a very sexy voice saying, "Leave the light off
and come to the center of the room."

"Face, where are you?" Murdock asked, knowing the sexy voice was Face.

"Come to the center of the room."

"How? I can't see anything in here."

"Listen to the sound of my voice."

"Okay, but this better be worth it."

"I can promise you it will be. Now you are a few feet from the door.
Count 4 steps forward."

"Mother may I ?" Murdock asked with a giggle.

"Yes you may." Face answered back. "Now you need to turn to your
right and come 5 steps"

"Mother may I?"

"Yes, okay now Murdock - spread out your arms"

Murdock spread out his arm wide and felt Face slip into them. "I love
playing "Mother May I" with you Face, but why?"

'So that you know you can always trust me Murdock, no matter what."

"I do Face - always." Murdock said as he captured Face into a kiss.

They both went down on the floor kissing as they went not caring
about the dark. Murdock didn't even wonder how Face saw him in the
dark; he always figured that his lover had cat's eyes.



"Do you still have that Mae West and WC Fields get up?"

"No, I borrowed it. Why?"

"No matter I like you better as Face anyway. Is there a bed?"


"Can we go there? I want to make love to you and this floor is just
not doing it for me."

Face took Murdock and they both got up. He lead him into the bedroom.
There, he turned the light on, and Murdock saw that he had covered
the bed with roses, red roses. Murdock was about to tell Face how
nice it looked, but, before he could, Face was removing his clothes
from him. Murdock quickly followed and soon they both stood there
naked in front of each other. They began kissing and soon they were
both on the bed. Face quickly took command . He kissed Murdock, his
tongue wanting to absorb every piece of Murdock, his tongue went in
deeper . Murdock moaned as his lover went in deep.

Face grabbed Murdock's buttocks and squeezed it tight; sending
shivers up his lover's spine.

"Holy cow Face."

"I want to make you happy Murdock. May I enter into you so together
we can find enchanting bliss?"

"Yes . Oh God yes! I want you!"

Face took out the lotion he had, put some on his finger, then rubbed
it in Murdock. Slowly, he entered Murdock and as he did Murdock

"Am I hurting you my love?"

"No! Don't stop!" Murdock gasped again.

Face rode Murdock. Murdock felt like he had died and gone to Heaven.
Soon he felt Face explode inside of him; both men were sweating and
breathing hard.

"That was so unbelievable Face."

"I know. Murdock, I could do this all night."

'Give me time to catch my breath darlin'. I'm not as young as you

"Murdock! I want you inside of me now, give me part of you to
treasure forever."

Murdock entered Face with ecstasy, filling Face with all he had. Face
moaned and arched his back for Murdock to give him more. Murdock
grabbed Face's hips to hold on and he went to town.

"More Murdock! I want more! "

Murdock gave Face more, and beyond, until 10 minutes later they both
reached a climax and Murdock collapsed on top of Face. They both
went to sleep.


When morning came, Murdock opened his eyes to see Face still sleeping
under him. He kissed the nape of Face's neck. Face smiled.

"Morning Sweetheart." Murdock said as he started to get off of Face.

"Why are you leaving? I'm comfortable."

"To fix breakfast before Hannibal and BA come and get us."

"Hmm breakfast sounds nice. Get back in bed so I can eat you up."

"I mean FOOD Face."

"Nuts to food, it can't give me what you can."

"Yeah, I know, but we need to eat. Are eggs okay with you?"

"Anything you make is okay with me."

As they were finishing their breakfast, they heard a bang on the
door. "Come on you two! Fun time is over - Decker is in the area and
we got to go." They both heard Hannibal say and quickly stole a kiss.
They went to the door and jumped into the van as BA drove away.
Murdock and Face were happy in each other arms.

The End

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Turkey Shoot 10

Part 10

Hannibal turned to Murdock. "Murdock, you go in and see Face,
him we'll see him later. BA and I have got some guys to put to

BA shook his fist. "I'll put them to bed all right. I'll tuck
them in
so tight, it'll be years before they see the light of day."

Murdock slowly entered the room. He looked around before
towards Face. He noticed that Face was awake but looked pale.
swallowed and walked over to his lover.

"Hey. Face."

Face gave Murdock a weak smile and spoke in a low voice. "Hey

Murdock pulled up a chair and took Face's hand. "I'm so glad
okay. "

Face nodded his head, "Murdock?"

"What Face?"

"The only thing that helped me, was that whenever I could
sleep; I
always dreamt of you. The last dream felt so real."

Murdock squeezed Face's hand, but said nothing.

Face gave a small smile and went on, "I was kissing you and
you by your pet name."

"Face. Did we have sex?"

Face shook his head "No. I was just kissing you. I was so happy
were there."

Murdock shook his head to keep the tears from falling.


"Yes my love?"

"Shut-up and kiss me for real."

Murdock closed the curtain and leaned down towards Face. They
to kiss.

************ ********* ********* ********* ********* *********
************ ********* ****

As Hannibal and BA were coming out of the hospital, they saw
Masters waiting for them.

"So how's your friend going to be?"

"He's going to be fine, Sheriff. Are Jim and his niece Suzy
waiting in your office?" Hannibal asked.

"Yeah. Do you mind telling me what's going on?"

"You hired us to find proof that Miller had something to do
Chances' death; and that's what we're doing," Hannibal answered
as he
lit his cigar.

Masters nodded, "Yeah. they're waiting in my office. That girl
really something."

"Yeah," Hannibal replied, "but she's young and can change."

The sheriff got into his car, while Hannibal and BA followed in

Suzy was pacing back and forth, like a wild animal trapped in a
too small, as Jim watched sympathetically.

"Suzy gal, will you stop all ready? You're going to put a hole
in the
sheriff's floor."

Suzy raised her hands in the air and faced her uncle; her eyes
had a
blaze in them that would frighten any grown man, except her

"Stop it! You want me to stop pacing! We're in the hoot gal and
want me to stop! Grandpapa and my papa ain't going to like
We're with their enemies!"

Jim quickly got up and grabbed his niece and pinned her arms
down. "Listen to yourself Suzy!, Sheriff Masters and these guys
aren't the enemy." He took a deep breath, then held her at arms
length so that he could look in her eyes. "Now you need to stop
acting like a spoiled brat and start acting like the woman you

"He's giving you good advice Little Mama."

Suzy pulled away from her uncle and rushed at BA. "Don't called
that! I ain't your mama and I never will be a mama!"

Suddenly Suzy started crying, BA pulled her against his chest
stoke her hair. "It's okay I'm sorry."

Suzy pulled away. "It's okay. You didn't know."

Hannibal waited to make sure the girl was okay before turning
Jim. "So is there another way into that tunnel?"

Jim shook his head. "If there is, I don't know about it."

"I know another way in and I will take you there-- if you
promise no
harm will come to my family." Suzy said.

Masters went over to her. "Suzy, I promise I'll do my best."

She nodded "Then come on."

Hannibal turned to BA, "Go with them. I'm going to check on
and Face."

BA nodded and followed the rest out.

************ ********* ********* ********* ********* *********
************ ********* ******

Murdock 's tongue was reaching into Face's mouth when the nurse
pulled back the curtain. "What is going on here?"

Murdock looked up at her. "I'm giving this patient some tender

"Get off of that man this instant! This is a hospital, not a

Face was now looking at the enraged nurse. "Please I would
bring my love to a cheap motel."

The nurse slapped Murdock on his rump. "Get off I said."

Murdock quickly got off. She then looked at Face. "The doctor
will be
in to see you."

Murdock waited for her to leave, and then looked at Face. "Did
you see?

"Yeah, she slapped you on your rear. You must've been a bad

Face and Murdock started laughing.

"Well I see you are much better." The doctor said as he came
into the

"I feel fine."

"Well the drug is out of your system and all of your blood
tests came
back normal. If you're up to it, I can discharge you."

Face looked at Murdock and mouthed "Drug?"

Murdock mouthed back, "I'll tell you later."

Face nodded and looks back at the doctor. "I'm up to it. I want

"Good. I'll have the papers ready now. I figured as much. The
will be back to help and, please guys, don't get her riled

"We'll try not to," Murdock replied.

After the doctor left, Face turned to Murdock. "This drug. Did
almost kill me?"

Murdock nodded.

"Did this drug make me see things?"

Again Murdock nodded.

Face turned away. "Then it wasn't a dream. I was really kissing
someone. Was it you I was kissing?' Face turned back to see
shake his head no.

"Then who was it?"

Murdock swallowed and said in a small voice."Hannibal"

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Turkey Shoot 9

Turkey Shoot
Susie Owens
Feedback 1
Thank you Huffy for helping me
BA shook his head and went to the front of the prison van. Murdock
climbed in the back. Hannibal had somehow gotten Face off of him and
was now sitting up, holding him against his body to keep Face from
falling. Murdock sat down and quietly took Face into his own arms.

"How bad do you think he was drugged?" the pilot asked, not really
looking at Hannibal.

"Well he kept going in and out, but I don't believe they intended to
kill him." Hannibal now looked at Murdock. "Murdock, I hope you
don't think that...."

Murdock shook his head. "No. Don't say it Hannibal. I know Face, and
he would never betray me - unless he had to for the good of the
team." Murdock stroked Face's hair and Face let out a pleasurable

The prison van suddenly stopped, and they heard BA getting out. They
looked at each other and wondered what was going on. Murdock gently
laid Face down and handed Hannibal's gun to him. He grabbed his own
gun as Hannibal slowly opened the door. There stood BA with his hands
up, while one of Miller's sons, along with a young girl, pointed a
gun at BA. Neither one of the strangers noticed Hannibal and
Murdock. Hannibal motioned for Murdock to get out, sneak up on them,
and disarm the boy. Murdock nodded and quietly got out of the van and
came up on them both. He quickly placed his gun against the boy's

"Now - nice and easy - place your weapon on the ground." he hissed.

The boy slowly did what he was told. "Hey it's okay; we're here to

Murdock kicked the gun away from the boy. "Then why are you pointing
a gun at my big friend here?"

"Because he is big! That's why Jim is pointing his gun at him. We're
afraid for our lives." the girl answered.

"You don't need to be afraid of me little Momma. I ain't gonna hurt
you." BA said calmly.

"I'm not little and I sure ain't your momma." The girl said.

Hannibal came around the van and picked up the gun. "BA, how could
you let your guard down like that?" he asked.

BA gave Hannibal a hard look. "Hannibal, I don't need you getting on
your high horse with me. That young lady was lying in the middle of
the road and I was not about to run over her."

Hannibal ignored BA and looked at the boy and girl. "Aren't you one
of Miller's sons?" he asked the boy.

"Yeah. My name is Jim and this is my niece Suzy. She's the one who
helped drug your friend."

"I was only doing what Granddaddy told me to do."

Jim slowly reached in to his pocket. "I got the antidote."

Murdock quickly took the bottle and stared at it. "How do we know
this isn't a trap?"

"You don't."

Hannibal took the bottle from Murdock. "How does this work?"

"You give it to him, and in about 30 minutes he will be fine."

"BA, watch those two. Murdock, come with me."

As they were walking back to the van, Hannibal cleared his voice
before he spoke. "Murdock, I think you shouldn't tell Face what he

"Hannibal. What if he asks me?"

"I doubt if he will even remember, but if he does then the choice is
yours - just think about it."

Murdock nodded his head. Once they were back with Face, Hannibal
raised his head to give him the antidote.


"Don't worry Murdock I'm not going to give this to Face till we check
it out. You stay with Face while I get the others."

Hannibal got up while Murdock took his place by Face who was now

"You're going to be fine Face."

Murdock watched as they all climbed back inside except Hannibal, and
BA, who was again driving the van.

"We need to get to ma van Hannibal."

"I know BA but we got to make sure we don't run into Decker as well."

"Hannibal please."

"Sorry BA."

BA only growled. Hannibal smiled and pinched his cheek. "You know BA,
I love it when you growl."

"Why were you letting Face kiss you?"

"He thought I was Murdock, there was nothing more to it."

BA nodded .He then spotted his van. He parked the other van by it and
got out of the prison van. "Hannibal, go get the others and let's get
Face some help."


The black van pulled into the emergency parking lot. BA got out and
ran around to Face. "Let me have him Murdock."

Murdock nodded his head as BA took Face and went inside with him. A
gurney was taken right to him. "What happened?" asked a nurse.

"He's been given some kind of a drug." Hannibal told her.

"Quickly get him to room 3. We need to take a blood test to see what
kind of a drug was taken."

"Not taken." Murdock said sternly, "given ."

"Yes, of course, given." The nurse said.

Hannibal reached into his pocket and gave her a bottle. "This may or
may not be the antidote . I didn't want to give it to him until I was

The nurse took it without another word.

A few hours later a doctor came out to them. "Your friend is going to
be fine. It was a good thing you had that antidote or he would've

"It was that bad?" Murdock asked.

"Oh yes. This drug first makes you sleep, then you become like you're
drunk, then you sleep again. Without the antidote, you die."

"Thank you Doctor. May we see him?" Hannibal asked.

"Only for a minute, then he needs to rest."

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Turkey Shoot 8

As Decker escorted Smith to the waiting van, he gloated, "This it
Smith, no more running I got you and Peck, thanks to some honest men
in this town, and I will soon have Baracus. Too bad Murdock isn't
with you."

"You know Decker, gloating is so unbecoming. Don't count your
chickens before they hatch," Hannibal replied.

Decker said nothing more, he just shoved Smith against the back of
the van. Hannibal climbed in and saw Face lying on one of the long
benches in the van. "What happened to my man, Decker?" he demanded.

Decker looked over at Peck. "He gave Miller a little trouble, tried
to get away. Miller had no choice but to knock him out. I really
don't' approve of it, but Miller explained to me he had no choice.
Peck tried to killed him."

Hannibal quickly went to Face. He slowly and carefully opened one of
Face's eyes. It was dull and unresponsive. "Decker! You fool! Peck
has been drugged!", Hannibal said, barely able to contain his anger
and disgust.

Decker climbed in and checked Peck also. "I'll have the med check
him when we get back." He climbed back down, and turned to the two
men who were taking Smith and Peck in. "I'm staying behind to find
Baracus. Smith is cunning, so don't fall for any of his tricks. If
you do, and they somehow get away, I will bust you both down to Buck
Privates, "

"Sir," one of them spoke up. "I don't think Peck is going anywhere."

"Don't ever take the A-Team for fools .If anyone can find a way to
escape with a man down, it's Smith. So do as I say."

They both nodded as Decker walked away.

Hannibal sat close to Face, wondering what kind of drug was used on
him. Suddenly Face jerked and Hannibal was at his side. "Hey kid it's
okay I'm here."

Face slowly opened his eyes and gave Hannibal a wicked smile and said
in a soft voice.

"I knew you would come my big strong Bunny Bums."

Hannibal slowly took Face's hand "Face listen to me. I'm Hannibal
not.... " Before Hannibal could finish Face was in his arms, kissing
him. Hannibal felt himself enjoying the kisses, but he knew he had to
stop them. 'Lt.! Stop! Now! You need to focus."

Face stared at Hannibal. "Don't you love me Murdock? Oh God, I
couldn't stand it if you left me like Leslie. Please Murdock, I need

Hannibal gently placed his fingers on Face's face. "I won' leave you
Face. I promise."

Face smiled and gave Hannibal one last kiss before he drifted off

"Bunny Bums? Huh?" Hannibal said to himself.


BA stared at Murdock, who was dressed as a five-star general. "I
don't know about this. Who in their right minds would mistake you for
a general?"

Murdock gave him a wicked smile before answering him. "Please BA, I'm
a five-star general, not just any old general."

"Shut up fool and explain your plan." BA snapped.

"How can I shut up and explain it at the same time?"

BA started to grab Murdock, but then he stopped. "Just explain the

Murdock nodded. "You see my good friend BA. I have the airs and the
looks of a general. I could have been an actor."

BA turned away from Murdock as he heard the van before it came into
view. "Hey fool, the van's coming you better make this work."

"Oh ye of little faith. You just make sure you know your part. We may
only have one chance at this." Murdock said to BA.

BA nodded and got into position. As the van came down the road, one
of the men inside spotted a jeep on the road. They could also see a
general talking to his driver.

"Come on swing around we got to get these prisoner to the prison."
one of them said.

"We have to stop it's a general." The other one said.

"You heard what Decker said. We can't stop. I don't want to be a Buck
Private again." the one named Tom said to the first one.

"Well," said Tim "A general is higher then a colonial so I'm

The van then pulled up in front of the jeep. Tim got out and went
over to the general. Tim noticed it was a five-star general, and he

Murdock looked at the private. "Well, why are you just standing
there! My jeep's broken down, and my driver knows nothing about them
at all. I asked for an expert driver, and they give me this moron."

Tim looked back at BA, who stood there with his head down, staring at
the engine. "I'll see what I can do Sir."

"You do that. If you fix my jeep, I will see that you're promoted to

"Thank you Sir. " Tim hurried over to the jeep and shoved BA
aside. "Go take a walk. Let a real man fix this jeep."

BA growled but left .He slow and quietly went to the side of the van
where the other private was waiting.

"Come on, will you hurry up? We've got to get these prisoners to the

BA rapped on the door, and Tom turned to see who it was. He knew
Baracus and was about to call for help, when BA pulled open the door.
He grabbed him, and pulled him out, throwing him into a nearby bush.
Murdock hurried around. "I told you to be gentle."

"Shut up fool. Is the other guy secured?"

"Yep tried up and wrapped for Christmas."

"Then wrap up the other one, while I get Hannibal and Face."

Murdock nodded as he went to the bushes and wrapped up Tom; who
wasn't hurt, just shook up. Murdock then joined BA as he pried open
the back of the van. They both stared at the sight that greeted them.
Face was on top of Hannibal, kissing him like there was no tomorrow.

Hearing the van doors open, Hannibal looked up. "I can explain. This
isn't what it seems like."

Turkey Shoot 7

Face watched as Miller walked away and a young girl, he guessed to be about 17,
came in. She slowly placed a bowl of watered down soup in his hands.

"My granddaddy said you got to eat this. Then afterwards my daddy will come and
get you."

Face smiled at her, hoping to win her over. "You're Suzy? You're a mighty pretty
young girl."

"Stop right there you fast talkin' skunk. My granddaddy warned me you would try
to sweet talk me. Well I got news for you: I ain't stupid . Now you eat your
soup before I pour it down your throat."

Face stared at her and thought to himself: You're going to be hard Suzy - but I
like a challenge. He took the bowl, raised it to his lips, and took a drink.
"Hum - just like my mom used to make."

Suzy gave him a tad of a smile. "Hurry up and eat, that guy from the army will
be here soon."

Face finished the rest of the soup. He then started to feel sleepy. Nice going
Peck! he thought just before he passed out. Suzy looked down at him to make sure
he was asleep . She left and found her family waiting for her. Miller walked
over to her. placing his arm around her shoulders.

"Did he eat it all girl?"

"Yes, Granddaddy."

"Good girl. Now you've done your job. You head on back home."

Suzy smiled after giving him a kiss on the cheek. Russell watched to make sure
Suzy left safely. Russell turned back to his sons. "Luke - you and Bob go and
meet Decker. Skeeter - you and Jim take Peck to the house. Make sure he's awake
when we come with Decker."

They all nodded and left. Luke and Bob in a green rust color truck, Skeeter and
Jim in a blue Buick. Russell lit himself a cigarette and then left in a red
silver truck
Murdock paced the floor of Simon Masters' office like a trapped puma. Masters
looked up from his map, then at Hannibal. Hannibal nodded fully understanding.
Murdock was making Masters a little nervous.

"Murdock - either sit down or come over and help."

Murdock stop and came over. "Sorry, Hannibal. I'm just worried."

"I know, but it won't help Face. Masters told us that he believes there was an
underground tunnel made by the army during the sixties. He's trying to find the
location on the map. Once he does I want you and BA to head out that way and see
if you can find it."

Masters walked up to them. "I think I found it; but it's been closed off for
years. There's no way to get to it."

Hannibal took a drag of his cigar. "Well then I guess we'll just have to find a
way. "

"Hannibal," came BA's voice by the door. "We got company."

Hannibal and Masters went to the door. Decker was heading right towards them.

"Now isn't that just great, that's all we need - Decker in the picture. BA,
Murdock get going. I'll stall Decker." Hannibal told them, they left just before
Decker walked in.

"Hey Decker! Fancy meeting you here. Small world."

"I got you this time Smith. Now where's Baracus?"

"I have no idea. What? You're not asking about Peck?"

Decker gave Hannibal a snake like smile. "I already have Peck and now I've got
you." He turned to Captain Crane, "Handcuff Smith and remember he's sneaky.
Then, I want Baracus found .If Captain Murdock is with him, bust his ass as

Turkey Shoot 6

His head was pounding as he slowly opened his eyes, but quickly shut
them again because he was seeing bright colors. He waited a few
minutes before he slowly opened them again.

"Welcome back to the open world Peck."

Face didn't want to look towards the voice. His head was killing him
so he muttered, "thanks"

Miller walked over to him and bent down. Face noticed his legs were
shackled together; but his hands were free. Miller gave him a cup of

"Don't want you to be dying on me just yet. Peck"

Face only stared at the water. Miller stood back up. "I guess you
wonder how I know who you are."

"Not really " Face replied.

Miller suddenly grabbed Face and pulled him up on his feet. "Well I'm
going to tell you. I was in the army once; and I still get
information about The A-Team. I guess you want to know where we are.
Am I right boy?"

Face looked around and saw that he was in some kind of underground
tunnel or something; but he also noticed that most of it had been
destroyed by a blast of some kind

"I suppose it's something of the army's " Face answered

Miller stared at him, "You got no manners boy. The army used it
during the cold war. We wanted to make sure that we were ready when
the Russians attacked. This was used for making weapons. But then the
terror died down and army wanted to destroy this place." He stopped
to look at Face. "All of this would've been gone forever. I wouldn't
let that happen. So when our battalion leader told me, Juan Rodgers
and James Chance to stay behind and set up the explosives to destroy
this place forever, I couldn't. I waited 'til Rodgers and Chance set
one part to blow. Before they could get out I set the explosives to
blow, closing that part of the tunnel forever, and closing their fate
as well. "

He stopped again waiting for a reaction from Face but got
none. "Imagine my surprise when Chance showed up with his daughter. I
was so sure he died that day."

"So you decided to make sure this time?"

"Now boy. I'm telling you the same thing I've told the sheriff, me
and my sons had nothing to do with that."

He pushed Face back down on the ground. "I'll have Suzy bring you
some food; don't want you poorly when Decker comes and gets you."

Turkey Shoot 5

Russell Miller stood and stared at Face. "Do you think I'm stupid?

"Now why would I think that?" Face answered quickly.

"I know Sheriff Master hired you and those others, you were all

"Well of course we were together. I work for Applegate. He's buys
land all over the USA and he came to see if Mr. Chance was willing to
sell. As his foreman, it's up to me to check out the land."

"So, what about the other guy? Why was he in here spying on us?" Luke
piped up.

"Scooter? This is a bar, right? Well, Scooter the best survey man
I've ever worked with. But he has a drinking problem - if you know
what I mean. I was looking for him; and I knew he would be here
because this is the only bar in town."

Russell studied Face for a long time. "How much do you think Chance's
land is worth?"

"I suppose as a ball park figure, I say, around $10,000. That's just
a ball park figure."

"I own that land now." Miller said.

Face nodded his head hoping to hide his surprise. "I was told by your
sheriff that Chance's daughter was the new owner."

Miller laughed and took out a deed. "Chance never was a very good
poker player. His poker face was always a give away. He lost the land
to me three days before his death. I guess he never got time to tell
his sweet daughter."

"So do you want to sell it? I could take a quick look and tell you
how much it's worth."

Miller placed his arm around Face's shoulder. "Why don't you come
home with us and we'll talk."

"I really can't. I mean not without my surveyor."

Bob stood by Face and grabbed his arm. "My Pa invited you to visit
us. You don't want to say no to my Pa. It may not be good for your

Face looked at Bob and swallowed. Bob Miller was a big man, around 6
feet and 3 inches; and Face guessed he weigh around 250 pounds. "Hey
who am I to turn down an invite."

"See we can all get along, "replied Miller.

Murdock watched from a safe distance as Face climbed into the cab of
the truck. He watched as it drove away. Murdock then got on his
walkie-talkie. "Our swallow has flown. I repeat our swallow has

BA shook his head and gave the walkie-talkie to Hannibal. "Okay,
Murdock, follow them but keep out of sight. "

"Roger, over and out. " Murdock turned the walkie-talkie off and
followed the truck. Murdock was keeping a good distance from the
truck. The roads were all dirt roads, but the jeep had good traction.
He watched as the truck made a sharp turn around a bend. As Murdock
made the turn, he slammed on his breaks to stop the jeep. He slowly
got out and looked around. For miles and miles all he could see was
the open road. The truck with Face in it was nowhere in sight.